Kindle fire

People love window shopping , I have seen people rushing in hordes to the new malls in rising cities in India just ‘for the feel’ of it. But is it of any good for the shops , if you believe many studies it is, as Leonardo DiCaprio would have said in Inception it plants the seed of a thought , a desire or a want. Slowly the items in window gets into your psyche , what was once stupid and expensive becomes not that stupid and could have. I remember the story somebody told me on how British introduced smoking cigarettes in India, where they used to have well dressed people in suits and hat, stand at public places like shops and bus stops, puffing stylishly from a cigar beautifully perched between their fingers, an image which slowly became a symbol of style and attitude. We humans are supremely adaptable to anything , even if that means taking in irritating smoke , once our mind has accepted it.

Ok, but the point of this post has nothing to do with the offline world, but something that stuck me when I heard the recent ‘Kindle Fire’ , the new Amazon tablet announcement. Many people have classified it as yet another tablet, perhaps as a cheaper alternative to Ipad, like many other Android ones, but I don’t think most have got the hidden ambition of Bezos (now clearly I have not seen Bezos mind though I wish I can :) ). It is another shopping device for amazon, they realize people are using more of these fancy mobile devices to browse internet , then why not give them one of these fancy devices with their own browser , so that they can shop more at amazon. Shopping literally at their finger tips, they finally got a window to their huge store for people to peep into, isn’t that next generation window shopping where the window is planted in each of our homes.